Microsoft Office provides two main features: Signature and E-Signature. Signature captures the electronic signature of the person making a specific file or a set of documents. The file can be signed by anyone with a digital signature.

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E-Signature on the other hand allows only the authorized signer to digitally sign documents. A digital signature removes the need for a physical key that could be compromised by third parties. E-Signature is also helpful for multiple signatures on one file or document because multiple people can sign a single document.

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Both signatures are used in Microsoft Office applications for various purposes. Signature capture is used to ensure that only the intended recipient has the ability to open the files or view, modify, or printed the document A digital signature on the other hand ensures that only the authorized signer is allowed to do so. However, digital signatures cannot be used to create electronic signatures.

E-Signature is best used for documents that you want to be signed but not printed, signed, or stored on a computer brandsofttech.blogspot. Also, E-Signature is often used in conjunction with a digital signature to ensure that multiple users have access to the same documents without having to share the same digital signature.

If a business or organization wants to secure important documents they should consider E-Signature technology. This technology can help to protect a business from being able to misuse confidential documents and prevent identity theft. Additionally, using this type of technology will allow businesses to easily update any documents and create new versions of any file as long as they have the ability to do so.

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