Photomancy is the art of accessing the emotions and ideas of other individuals through the use of the human eye. It’s also called “remote viewing,” “remote seeing,” ” psychical reading,” “remote hearing” or “sixth sense.” This art originated centuries ago in Egypt.

Psychic Reading

The Egyptian phonetic pronunciation for Photomancy, P-smithy, is pronounced “P – sho” or “P – my” depending on the region, with the sound ending at the end like [a].

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Today, many alternative, or “alternative” medicine practitioners use the term “photomancy” to describe techniques that are used in psychic readings, fortune telling, etc. Some spiritual teachers believe that distant vision and clairvoyance are abilities developed during childhood development psychic reading online. They believe these abilities can be improved with practice. Others believe that all abilities can be improved through psychometry and remote viewing. There is even evidence that distant viewing can be perfected with the use of binoculars.

Remote viewers and psychics are no different from professional psychic readers who perform live psychic readings. They each go to their readings with their own set of expectations and biases that may influence their readings. Cold readings, tarot cards, and astrology are some of the methods that they may use. The reader makes up their own mind about the accuracy of their readings and then reports the information to the client in a sincere and respectful manner.

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