Can CBD Oil For Dogs Hurt Your Pet?

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Many dog owners in the UK are asking ‘can CBD oil for dogs harm your pet?’ If you have any knowledge or experience of this, then obviously we would recommend that you seek professional veterinary help if you have any doubts about the product cbd for dogs. However, what has become known as CBD is a relatively new substance and some dogs may have an adverse reaction to it. This would not normally present any problems with humans but it can cause some issues with pets.

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CBD Oil For Dogs Hurt

To date there have been no reports of negative side effects from using this oil for dogs, but you should still take care if you have other pets or are prone to allergies. The short term effects seem to be that seizures decrease or stop completely and it also seems to be less of a stress hormone than other drugs. However, it takes time for these effects to occur and they remain long after the treatment has stopped. This could explain why there are so many concerns expressed about it.

Final Words

The long-term effects appear to be normal and there may help with some forms of arthritis in dogs. The only real concern would be for chronic or severe arthritic sufferers. For this group, CBD may help with the pain associated with joint inflammation. If you are concerned about the effect it may have on humans, there is now ongoing clinical research at the University of Oxford, funded by the Medical Research Council. If it proves to be a useful supplement for humans, it may help reduce the number of reported dog seizures.

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