Susquehanna Valley Dental Health Associates in Milton, PA is a General Practice Dentistry practice. This type of business specializes in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. They also offer preventative care and diagnostic procedures.

Dental Health Associates

They specialize in preventing oral diseases and restoring teeth. This type of dentistry is a great choice for those who have cavities, plaque buildup, or any other dental problems. They can also help treat oral trauma such as tooth loss or facial pain.

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Dental Health Associates in Milton PA are a group practice with 1 location that specializes in General Dentistry Dentitox. The dentists here are all board-certified, and each of them has a varied amount of experience. The dentists at this clinic are highly experienced, and the staff is courteous and friendly. They can also perform complex procedures such as root canals and fillings. They can even help you get dentures or implants, which are great options for people with aging teeth.

Dental Health Associates in Milton PA are comprised of several specialists. The practice focuses on general dentistry and consists of 1 office location. Each doctor has their own specialization. This practice accepts urgent dental emergencies, as well as patients who have no insurance. The physicians in this office specialize in general dentistry, including cosmetic and restorative procedures. In addition to routine dental care, they also offer a number of services for patients.

Nina Ross, D.D.S., has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia University. She is a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Lancaster Practice Managers Association. Aaron Ross is the Dental Plan Operations Manager at Smilebuilderz Dental Health Campus. He graduated from Penn State University. During his career, he is a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Professional Development. The staff is friendly and is happy to answer any questions you might have.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The staff is able to answer all of your questions. Its doctors have a wide range of specialties, from cosmetic to family dentistry. Moreover, they are able to provide you with regular checkups and procedures to address the needs of every patient. The entire dental team at the clinic is committed to maintaining a healthy smile. In addition, their dental office is conveniently located in Milton, PA.

Besides routine dental care, SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY DENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES has two locations. It specializes in General Dentistry. It has 8 dentists. Aside from the office’s location, they also accept emergencies and fax. Their clinic has a dentist who can meet your needs and answer any questions. The receptionists will answer your questions promptly. A general practitioner will provide routine care, while a specialist will provide specialized care.

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