For air conditioning, AC ducts are used to connect the evaporator and condenser to the air conditioning system. In order to make this system efficient, it must be free of air leaks, and the AC duct should be tightly sealed.

Types of Air Conditioning Hoses

When installed properly, the air conditioning system will have a higher efficiency than older models and provide cooling throughout the house in both summer and winter seasons.

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Types of Air Conditioning Hose A number of different types of air conditioning hose assemblies are available, each offering certain benefits and drawbacks Internal tube air conditioning hoses BH (inner tube air conditioning hose) are recommended for use with refrigeration and air conditioning systems with R 12 and R coli refrigerant.

They are most commonly used for applications in the refrigeration industry and are extremely durable. These tubes are made of PVC but can also be found in vinyl-coated polyethylene. Internal tube air conditioning hoses are available in both rigid and flexible styles.

Outer Hose Another consideration when purchasing an air conditioning hose is the material that it is made from. Often, people will choose an inner tube or textile reinforcement for easier cleaning and maintenance.

While these products are highly effective in preventing refrigerant from leaking into the room, they do require more maintenance and may also require the occasional cleaning of the seal around the evaporator fins. In addition, the inner tube style of air conditioning hoses is quite easy to install, requires less maintenance, and requires no refrigerant leakage to maintain.

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