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If you have moved, you must inform the New York DMV of the new address within ten (10) days. You do not need to request a new physical license or ID, but most drivers choose to have a new card printed with their new address. To do this, you can write down the new address on the back of your old card. If you are unable to do this in time, you can call the NY DMV to have the change of address mailed to you.

Make an Address Change on Driving Licence

In Georgia, you have 60 days to update your address on your driving license. You can do this online, in person at DDS Customer Service Centers, or by using the DDS 2 GO mobile app. You are allowed to change your address one time every eight years.

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However, if you want to change your address in the last 150 days before your license expires for driving lessons, you must renew your license. You must also change the address on a learner’s permit or provisional license if you’re under eighteen years old.

The process to change your address on a driving license is simple. First, you need to get a No-Obligation Certificate (NOC) for the change. Afterward, you need to select the service you require and click “Proceed”.

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