There are several important documents you will need to file when you incorporate your Producer Company. These documents will include your SPICe Form and the necessary documents. Once all the documents have been submitted, the registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation. These documents will need to be current (at least two months old). If you live in your home, you will need a utility bill scanned with the owner’s NOC and property papers.

Company Incorporation Process

Once you have the basic requirements, you will need to incorporate your Producer Company. Incorporating your company will allow you to start carrying out the activities mentioned in the Act. Then, you will need to file your commencement of business certificate, annual returns with ROC, and other compliances.

What is Meant by Company Incorporation?

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After your Producer Company is registered, you will need to hold its first general meeting within 90 days. The director will be appointed to a one-year term and can be re-elected to the board once he has completed his term. The company must also hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. This meeting must be called with 14 days’ notice, and it must take place within 90 days of incorporation. During the annual general meeting, the members will elect the directors of the company.

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