Towing a car is not without risk. It is an activity that puts a lot of strain on the engine, and this strain can cause damage to the vehicle. The amount of damage will depend on the type of tow and the towing capacity of the vehicle. A large tow will cause more damage and wear to the engine than a small one. It is important to keep photos and documentation of any damages that occur when your vehicle is towed.

Does Towing a Car Damage It?

In addition to causing mechanical damage to a car, towing can also damage its aesthetics heavy duty towing near me. Even if your car was in perfect working order before the accident, a tow truck can cause damage to the paint job, dents, and more. Those cosmetic damages can cost you a lot of money to repair later.

Does Towing a Car Damage It?

Towing a car with an automatic transmission can also damage its drive wheels and tires. The tow truck will drag the car along the road, which will cause damage to the drive wheels and the linkage leading back to the transmission.

Moreover, the towing process can damage the transmission, as it prevents the oil from moving through the gears. Therefore, you should avoid towing a car with an automatic transmission.

If the car is insured, you can tell the towing company about the incident, and you can ask for compensation. If not, you can hire an auto body specialist to assess the damage and the cost of the repairs. You will need to provide a valuation for the items that are damaged or missing.

If you are able to provide proof of the damages and the extent of the repairs, you can ask the towing company to compensate you. In the event that they don’t give you the compensation you deserve, you can file a claim against the towing company.

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