There are several private security companies with offices around the world. GardaWorld, for example, has over ten thousand employees. It provides security guard and armored car services around the globe and has 200 locations. Last year, it earned CAD 805 million in revenue. This makes it one of the largest security companies in the world.

Private Security Companies in the World

1. ADT

ADT has been in the security industry for over a century. It is dedicated to offering top-tier services to its clients and puts security as its top priority. In fact, it is the oldest member of the list of the biggest private Los Angeles security in the world.

The Biggest Private Security Companies in the World

2. Allied Universal

Another company that can be counted among the top private security companies is Allied Universal, a security services company headquartered in Pennsylvania.

The company has offices all over the world, and its staff includes police officers and former Special Forces personnel. It provides security for government offices and multinational corporations.

It also offers training for its employees. The biggest private security companies focus on security, and the best ones always have that in mind. These are the companies that will protect their clients and their assets.

3. Brink’s Company

Brink’s Company is the largest private security company in the United States. It employs more than thirteen thousand professionals and has clients in over 100 countries.

Brinks is most famous for its armored vehicles, but they also provide security for government institutions and banks. In 2012, Brink acquired a logistics software provider and diversified its business in other regions.

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