Air spade excavation is a method of removing tree roots from the ground. It has advantages over other forms of tree root removal. One of these advantages is safety. This method can reveal the depth of the roots, including those of nearby trees. If you have trees that grow in forested areas, air spade excavation can help you uncover them.

Cost of air spade excavation

Air spades are an innovative method of landscape excavation that can be used safely without damaging nearby trees. Because air is compressed at high pressure, the soil is broken apart without damaging the roots. This technology is also a good option for projects near active lines because it protects workers from sparks.

Air Spade Excavation and Construction Near Me in 2022

An air spade is a heavy-duty tool that uses compressed air to loosen the soil. The process is much faster than traditional methods and allows for safer access to the tree’s root system Airspade ArborAeration. Arborists can use an air spade to inspect a tree’s roots and perform pruning. This tool can also be used to remove soil around existing buried objects.

The efficiency of air spade excavation

Airspace technology is becoming a popular solution for fast soil excavation. The tool uses highly compressed air to dislodge soil without causing damage to trees and roots. Its patented nozzle turns compressed air into a high-speed jet that dislodges the dirt. It can move between one and two feet of soil per second and up to 1.5 cubic feet per minute. It is a safe, fast alternative to conventional soil excavation techniques and doesn’t damage cables or pipes.

Another application for air spades is trenching for utilities. This technology can cut through thick soils without damaging roots and underground utilities. It can be used to dig trenches up to several inches deep. In some cases, air spades can even reach tree roots. A hand spade is difficult to use and can damage these roots.

With these features, AirSpades can easily remove soil and underground utilities while reducing the workload of construction workers. The equipment can reduce the duration of excavation by up to half, reducing employee fatigue. And the system is also equipped with built-in system protection, which helps minimize downtime.

Air spading can also be used to remove excess soil after excavation projects. It can also help with tree roots, particularly when utility lines are under them. In addition to the benefits of air spading, it can also help identify the problem causing the decline in plant health.

In addition to its benefits for landscaping, Air Spade can be used to break compaction in the existing soil. It can even be used to break compaction under existing trees. However, conventional excavation remains the preferred method for greenfield projects. In addition, air spade technology is also capable of performing soil compaction under existing trees.

Safety of air spade excavation

With a roll-n-vac and air spade combination, a contractor can safely and effectively dig up gas lines. The soil displaced during excavation can easily be replaced with new material. A Roll-n-Vac is a high-quality construction tool twice as powerful as a standard air vac. This equipment also cleans up loose soil and stones.

Another advantage of air spade excavation is that it doesn’t harm tree roots. The high-pressure air dislodges soil instantly without damaging roots. When a tree’s root zone is compacted, water and nutrients cannot flow through the root system, causing it to become stressed and more susceptible to insects and diseases.

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