Security guards are hired to protect business premises or facilities. They can be employed by private security agencies or companies they protect. Some are armed and wear bulletproof vests. Training requirements vary from job to job. Some jobs require only a high school diploma, while others may require specialized training or certification.

3 Types of Security Guard Force

Security guards are useful for businesses and communities. They can spot and report suspicious behaviour and contact authorities in an emergency. Some are also responsible for assisting local governments conducting neighbourhood watch programs 365 Patrol. They may also monitor and manage security equipment. In addition, they can help protect individuals and property from thieves.

3 Types of Security Guard Force

Security guards are not required to be police officers. In some countries, they are also called security officers. The US term security officers have been used for decades as Best Calgary security guards company. New restrictions on vehicle markings and uniform colours are meant to distinguish private security personnel from police officers.

However, some sources believe that these restrictions are designed to satisfy the Canadian Police Association. Security guards also protect VIPs, and their services are in high demand.

Security guards should be trained to perform a variety of tasks. However, certain jobs require specialized training. Insufficient training can result in ineffective guards. The security contractor usually provides internal training. During this training, guards are exposed to company policies and procedures, including compensation and disciplinary processes.

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