The diamond clarity grade describes the presence of inclusions. These can significantly impact the stone’s appearance and may cause it to chip or break. The higher the clarity grade, the more sparkle the stone has. In contrast, inclusions in I2 diamonds are less pronounced but can pose a more considerable durability risk.

What Does IJ Mean in Diamonds?

If you have a large budget, you can buy an enormous cake. On the other hand, if your budget is small, you can buy Wholesale Body Jewelry. In buying diamonds, you should pay special attention to the cut. Ensure the stone’s cut is at least “Very Good” or “Very Excellent”. To aim for excellence, you should go for a diamond with 3 Excellent Cuts.

What Does IJ Mean in Diamonds?

Diamonds with higher clarity grades are generally more expensive. The lower colour grades, however, are less costly and can be more affordable. Diamonds with a clarity grade of I1 are often stunning and can cost a fraction of the more expensive diamonds. I2 diamonds are not very expensive, but they can be challenging to find and may be difficult to purchase. However, they may look stunning in jewellery.

There are several different types of inclusions that affect the clarity of a diamond. These include apparent “cloud” inclusions, white scratches, black dots, and more. Some inclusions are benevolent, meaning they will not harm the diamond. Another factor is the setting of the diamond. If the stone is set in a way that exposes the inclusions, it may not be visible.

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