There are several ways to make calls from your computer, some of which may be more convenient than others. WiFi is the most popular way to connect, but you can also use a hotspot or Ethernet connection. Whether you use WiFi or Ethernet, keep your internet speed stable before making your first call. If your internet is too slow, you may be unable to make a clear call.


Globfone has a mobile app you can download and place a call. You must first sign in to your Globfone account to make a call. Once you’ve signed in, you can access the phonebook and select the number you want to call. You can also type the destination number on your computer keyboard or telephone pad and press the Green Handset Button. Be sure to allow access to your microphone.

How Can I Call From the Internet?

You can also make free calls through Globfone by using a web browser. Most browsers support & make free calls online. You will see advertisements when you make a call, but this help to keep the service free.


To call someone on WeChat, you must first sign up for the app and customize your profile. After you have completed this process, you will receive an SMS message with a verification code. To call someone, you will need to click “+” on the lower right of the screen, select “Call,” and then select the function.

WeChat is a popular communication app that is nearly indispensable in China. If you don’t want to download the application, you can access it online without installing the app. To access the web version, simply visit the official WeChat website. An enormous QR code marks the web version of the app. Once you do so, you can access the app’s limited features.


In addition to cellular data, Nextiva has an app that lets you make Wi-Fi calls on your PC. This way, you don’t need a mobile device to make calls and can switch back to cellular calling anytime. It is best to connect your Nextiva phone to your first router in your home.

Nextiva’s application also lets you manage your business number. You can also configure caller ID settings and call forwarding.


Call2Friends offers users a variety of options to call from the internet. With its free calling service, you can call from your computer or mobile phone to many destinations worldwide. There are some limitations, however, including a daily session limit and a maximum of two minutes per call. Another free way to call from the internet is through Facebook Messenger. FaceTime is also free but will use data from your data plan.

Call2Friends offers low rates on international calls. In addition to providing free calls, the service is also very convenient. It offers free caller ID configuration, call recording, and a number you can send and receive for free.


Ievaphone is an online service that makes international phone calls for free. All you need is an internet connection, a web browser with an Adobe Flash player, and a number to call. The website provides an instant online dialer where you can enter a phone number. The app also provides a free caller id. The caller id will display on any calls you make through the app.

The Ievaphone app is free to download, and it gives you 10 free credits when you download it. You can also earn more credits by watching videos or filling out applications. Using Ievaphone is free, and it works on any platform that supports the Adobe Flash player. You can use it with your computer, phone, laptop, or tablet.


To use FreedomPop’s service, you must first have a WiFi connection in your home. You can also connect through your existing phone line if you have one. FreedomPop is simple to use and can get started free without any monthly charges. The company’s free services attract new users, so you can upgrade to their other services later.

The FreedomPop messaging application is available for IOS and Android phones. It includes features such as voicemail and does not require a FreedomPop plan. Once you download the app, you can begin making calls and sending texts. Then, you can transfer over your old phone number if you wish.

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