Metricon has had a difficult few years. The company has faced escalating costs, rising interest rates, and speculation about the industry’s stability. But the company’s directors are determined to see the firm thrive. They have launched an advertising campaign to reassure customers.

Metricon Home Builders Launches Advertising Campaign

Metricon is Australia’s largest home builder. The company has been hit by rising building costs, supply constraints, and soaring subcontractor fees. Yet despite all of this, the tiny home builder has continued to make homes despite the downturn. The company is facing a huge cost increase, with steel and timber prices rising by more than 20% yearly.

Metricon Home Builders Launches Advertising Campaign

The company’s homes range from $650,000 to $3.2 million. Several of them are on display. Often, the homes are sold on a leaseback arrangement. This means the buyer will have to pay off their loan over a certain period and, in return, will earn up to 8 percent of the price of the house. However, buyers should be cautious about assurances from the company.

The company’s recent record of success has helped it be ranked the top builder in Australia for the past six years. The Housing Industry Association’s annual Housing 100 list records the country’s 100 most prominent residential builders.

The company reported 5969 new homes in the financial year that ended in March, a 22% increase on the previous year. It is also involved in public housing in Queensland and New South Wales.

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