Clean rooms are one of the most important aspects of a hotel experience. They promote a guest’s comfort and extend their stay. Moreover, they contribute to repeat business and referrals.

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To keep guests comfortable and secure, hotels employ staff to perform housekeeping duties. These include changing linen, cleaning floors best house cleaners, dusting surfaces, and sterilizing bathroom fixtures.


What Is The 72 Hour Rule In Housekeeping?

When a room is to be cleaned, housekeepers knock twice and announce themselves as soon as they hear the guest’s voice. If they don’t receive a response after the first two knocks, they must repeat the announcement as often as needed to ensure the guest is aware of their presence.

Keeping a room clean helps a hotel attract repeat business from a guest. In addition, a clean room also shows a hotel’s dedication to hygiene and cleanliness.

Why Did Stephen Paddock Use The 72 Hour Rule?

The 72-hour rule, which is a standard at most hotels, was used by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to prevent hotel security from entering his room. But, it can actually make a guest look suspicious to other hotel employees who see the sign on the door handle every time they enter a room.

What Can I Do About It?

It is a good idea to remove the do not disturb sign from your door handle every now and then when you are staying at a hotel. This will help you avoid suspicions from the hotel staff and make it look more like normal behaviour.

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