What is a Concrete Guy Called?

A concrete guy is a tradesperson who works with concrete to place, finish, protect and repair it. They typically work on engineering and construction projects where concrete is used to build walls, roads, foundations or other structures. They level and smooth the concrete after it is poured using either a bull float or powered floats, and they place vapor barriers or retarders below the concrete to prevent moisture from evaporating from its surface.

A Contractor

A concrete guy is a professional who specializes in pouring and installing concrete. He usually works for himself and has a customer base. He also has his own set of tools to get the concrete contractor. For example, he has a bull float to smooth the surface of the concrete after it’s screened.

What is a concrete guy called

Another tool that he uses is a retarder or vapor barrier to prevent water from seeping into the concrete. This can weaken it and make it less stable.

Contractors have a lot of expertise in different areas and are often sought out for their specific knowledge and skill sets.

They may not have the same level of loyalty to an employer as full-time employees. They may work for other clients and have their own schedules.

A General Contractor

A general contractor oversees a construction project from start to finish. Their duties include hiring subcontractors, applying for building permits and providing hands-on supervision to workers on the site.

They are also the primary communicator between the client and the different parties involved in the construction process. This is important because there are often a variety of issues and questions that arise throughout a construction project.

Problem-solving skills are a must for this role. If workers are injured or deliveries are delayed, a general contractor must be able to solve these problems quickly and efficiently so the project continues as planned.

General contractors also have a large network of suppliers, which helps them get materials for less than non-contractors. This allows them to pass these savings on to clients.

A Subcontractor

A subcontractor is a person or company that is hired by a general contractor to perform a specific task or service. They may be a specialist in a certain field or they could be a smaller, more local business.

They are liable to the contractor, not directly to the client, and they are responsible for fulfilling the original work agreement. They also don’t have the same benefits package as the contractor does – they will need to pay for their own health insurance, and vacation time will probably be based around when they are least busy with work.

The term subcontracting is commonly used in the construction industry, where a general contractor hires a specific person or business to do work that the general contractor cannot do himself. For example, a contractor might hire an electrical engineer to install the wiring in a home.

A Finisher

A finisher is a concrete guy who finishes the surface of poured slabs of concrete. These slabs can be used as garage floors, driveways, patios, and home foundations.

Generally, they use an edger to press between forms and concrete to chamfer the edges so that they are less likely to chip. They also clean and polish the concrete.

The skills required to be a concrete finisher include TIG and MIG welding, grinding, fabrication, staining and finishing. They also utilize precise math and measuring skills.

Finishers are often employed by companies that make large-scale construction projects, such as OMNOVA Solutions, Bunge and Valmont Industries. These companies are known for offering top salaries and good job security.

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