What is the Highest Paid Accounting Job?

High-paying accounting jobs are available in a variety of industries and sectors. Many accountants find careers in a large corporation or at a public accounting firm as they gain experience and work their way up to senior positions.

Accountants who work at a corporation earn the most as Chief Accounting Officers or as Chief Financial Officers (CFO). As these senior-level professionals, you are in charge of major accounting and fiscal management tasks like keeping track of accounts receivable, payable, budgeting and auditing as well as managing payroll and insurance coverage.

What is the highest-paid accounting job?

You also prepare the annual and quarterly financial reports as well as analyze budgets with the help of your cost accountants and cost Property Accountant. You manage the accounting staff and lead them to ensure that their work meets the company’s goals.

Internal Audit Managers are one of the highest-paid accounting jobs as they evaluate a company’s internal accounting procedures and ensure that the financial records of the organization comply with corporate rules and regulations. These professionals are usually employed by a large corporation or accounting firm and have to travel a lot as they conduct their audits.

Academic Accounting is another high-paying accounting career that involves teaching students about the intricacies of the profession and how to succeed as accounting professionals. You need at least a master’s degree to teach at the university level and a PhD is typically required for a tenure-track position.

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