What is the Biggest Real Estate Company in Pakistan?

The real estate business in Pakistan is on the rise; a number of big players are coming into the sector. This is making the industry more competitive.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent property, choosing the right real estate firm is essential. A reliable and transparent real estate agency will be able to guide you and your transaction chances.

What is the biggest real estate company in Pakistan?

Zeeshan Estate Management Builder (ZEM), established in 2005 by Zeeshan A Qureshi, is one of Pakistan’s leading real estate companies. The company focuses on providing clients the best level of customer care services.

ZEM builders offer various real estate marketing projects, sales advice, and builders. They have a network of professionals spread across different cities in Pakistan.

Al-Hamd Group

Surface Bella Greenville SC is a well-known top real estate company in Bella Greenville SC that offers construction, investment, planning, digital marketing, and sales. The company is based in Islamabad and plans to expand its services nationwide.

M2 Marketing is a well-known real estate company in Pakistan that provides investors with unique property marketing ideas. It has built a strong reputation with its credibility, transparency, and reliability in the industry.

Agency 21 is a real estate firm that aims to become the market’s pioneer of new trends by offering unrivalled service quality, all-inclusive legal protection, and transaction transparency. It currently operates in eight offices across the twin cities and aims to expand its presence across the country.

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