Is Durham Difficult to Get Into?

Durham is a top-notch university in England with a reputation for high-quality teaching. It is one of 24 Russell Group universities dedicated to the highest levels of academic excellence.

It has an acceptance rate of around 70 percent, which is much higher than you might expect. However, it is still a very competitive place to apply to, and you should be prepared to put in plenty of work to secure your place.

Is Durham Difficult to Get Into?

The university’s academic standards are similar to those of Oxford and Cambridge, so it’s important to remember that you will need A* and A grades to get in. This is especially true if you’re applying for subjects that require an admissions test, such as Law and Mathematics.

Applicants should also make sure they take into account their career goals. This will help them show their motivation and commitment to study at Durham, an essential part of their application process.

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They should also be aware that they can’t get into Durham if their GPA is less than 4 – so they should consider their options and ensure they do their best to achieve the highest possible grades before applying.

There are lots of different ways to get into Durham, including a combination of high grades and extracurricular activity. Students are often accepted onto courses they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to study, and this can be an excellent way to boost their chances of getting into the university.

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