What is a Solicitor Vs Barrister?

In England and Wales, the two most common types of legal professionals are solicitors and barristers. These professional groups differ, with the former performing advisory and transactional work outside of court and the latter pleading cases before courts and tribunals.

Solicitors meet clients, provide legal advice, draft letters, and documents, conduct negotiations, and prepare cases for trial. They also refer clients to barristers for more specialized advice, advocacy or representation before the higher courts.

What is a solicitor vs barrister?

Conversely, a barrister is a lawyer who specializes in presenting their client’s case to a judge or jury at trial. Solicitors London is regulated by the statutory bodies of the jurisdiction in which they are competent.

The lines between barristers and solicitors are increasingly blurring in many countries as the traditional divisions between the two professions break down. In Great Britain, barristers no longer have a monopoly on appearances before the higher courts. Instead, chartered legal executives are increasingly taking instructions and representing clients in trials as well as at the lower court level.

Historically, solicitors and barristers have worked in parallel, with the barrister being the only legal professional trained to represent their clients before court. However, a recent development has allowed clients to retain both a barrister and a solicitor together in a single team of legal professionals for a particular case.

The right law firm can ensure that a client is able to access the complete team of experts they require for their case. The professionals at Owen Hodge can help you to better understand the differences between solicitors and barristers, and to ensure that all the legal experts needed for your case are available at a reasonable cost.

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