Inverter Lithium Battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries provide safe and worry-free energy in a lightweight solution. They are designed to outperform traditional sealed lead acid in many residential and commercial power applications including recreational vehicles (RV), electric wheelchairs, solar/wind energy systems and more.

The DL+ 12V 60Ah is built for high performance in the most rugged and varied of conditions. Engineered with LiFePO4 technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight and lasts 4 times longer than a lead acid battery – providing exceptional lifetime value.


The price of 12 volt 60AH lithium battery is on the rise. With the rise in popularity of these batteries, battery manufacturers are focusing on improving technology and Towsonbattery Lithium Ion Battery Supplier. This will help to decrease the cost of these batteries. Lithium batteries are very popular amongst the Indian customers as they are safer, lighter and last for years to come.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about losing power when you charge your battery. Lithium batteries have a higher charging efficiency than lead acid batteries and they can last longer with less maintenance. These batteries are also available in different sizes and capacity. They can be connected in series to create a 24V battery with a large amount of power. This can be the ideal solution for power storage or backup options in your home or office. The best part is that you can buy these lithium batteries online on EMI or on the payment plan of your choice.


Our 12V 60AH lithium battery features Group 24 LiFePO4 technology to outperform traditional sealed lead acid batteries for marine, recreational vehicles (RV), solar, wind energy, off-grid systems and other power applications. Compared to the equivalent sealed lead acid battery, this battery offers a more robust charge/discharge cycle, superior temperature protection and a higher life span.

The battery is half the weight of a lead acid battery and can withstand more discharge cycles per cell, providing exceptional lifetime value. It also has the added benefit of a lower initial cost than a comparable lead acid battery. This battery has an internal battery management system (BMS) that automatically balances the cells to protect for over temperature, under voltage, over current and short circuit conditions. The battery can be connected in series to create a higher voltage battery bank, or in parallel to increase capacity (AH). Each battery is made with UL-certified Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They are water/dust proof and IP55 protected.


The lifespan of a battery will vary depending on a number of factors. How the battery is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature and other factors will all impact its lifespan.

Lithium-ion batteries last a long time and are very efficient at charging and discharging. They can also have a very high capacity to weight ratio as they are on average 60% lighter than standard lead acid batteries.

These advantages make them very popular for industrial applications where the life of a battery is crucial. They can be used in many different ways, including for electric wheelchairs, solar energy systems, boats, and more.

These batteries are designed with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology and offer significant advantages over traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These include improved recharge and discharge efficiency, temperature protection, a higher life cycle and the ability to deep cycle or deep discharge without losing power.


Safety is always a concern with any technology, but lithium batteries have a relatively low record of fires or injury. In addition, they have an intelligent battery management system (BMS) which monitors and manages several aspects of its performance.

The BMS will trigger and shut down the battery in instances when it detects a short circuit, over charging, or high temperature to prevent damage.

Lithium batteries are also 55% lighter than SLA – making them easy to handle and install on the side or upside down. This is especially helpful in mobile applications and where weight may be an issue.

In addition to these benefits, Dakota Lithium has taken special care to design the battery management systems for our batteries in house. These include cold temperature charging protection, high temperature protection, cell balancing and other features that enhance performance and safety.

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