The rules for parking vary according to the local authority. This can include different types of bays, times when you can park and if it is legal to park on the pavement.

In London, parking on the pavement is illegal and can land you a fine of PS70-130. This can be a hassle, especially if you need to park for a long time or in a tight place.

What are the rules for parking in the UK?

You should never park partially or wholly on a pavement in any part of London, as it can obstruct and inconvenience pedestrians and those with Bali holiday package. It can also impede the view of people driving along the road.

Parking restrictions are painted on the road or curb and are often lifted during the evenings and weekends – but check before you park!

Double yellow lines either painted on the road or curb mean that you cannot park, wait or unload in this area at any time. Blue Badge holders can park on single or double yellows for a maximum of three hours, provided there isn’t signage that says otherwise, it’s safe to do so and it won’t cause an obstruction for other drivers.

Pedestrian crossings are marked with white zig-zag lines and motorists should not stop here as this would obstruct the view of pedestrians and oncoming Car Parking Birmingham. If you’re not sure whether the rules are clear, ask a member of staff or police officer. They’ll be able to give you the correct advice.

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