Late Game Solo Smite

Tremendous bulk paired with life-saving defensive utility makes Tyr one of the more forgiving tanks to learn. Early game he is very slow, but his forgiving damage intake and removal make him hard to fail with.

Start with Assassin’s Blessing and Mace, then move on to Power Boots and Jotunn’s before finishing off with a standard penetration/AA build.


Vamana is one of the most straightforward Warriors to pick up. He’s a strong lane bully with valuable crowd control, an evasive ultimate, and a good amount of damage.

Ice ice baby: [Vamana] is a fairly easy tank that has an easy rotation and decent damage output. In the current crit meta I’d recommend getting Assassin’s Blessing and Mace early and then continuing into full boots before finishing off with Jotunn’s and Transcendence.

Sun Wukong is a great Warrior for new players. His basic kit allows him to quickly get into combat and deal damage with his Northern Lights of the smite tier list, Aurora Blade, and Fatal Strike abilities. His ult also provides additional damage and CC through Barbed Spear, which applies an anti heal. His light stance also offers movement speed increases and CC cleansing.


Known for his easy lane control, Vulcan offers beginners a simple kit that can be mastered easily. His abilities like Updraft, Fracture, and Protector’s Surge offer both damage and zoning, making him one of the easiest warriors to play.

He comes from a race that was spacefaring long before humans ever discovered fire on Earth, and was seen as a symbol of knowledge. His feathered serpent appearance is a common motif in Mayan and Aztec art.

Ra is a god that’s a good choice for beginners looking to practice their damage dealing. He can do significant amounts of damage, and his CC skills make him an excellent jungler. He also has healing properties, so he’s an all-around safe play. Despite this, he’s not the easiest tank in the game to master.


In the early stages of Smite, players need a lot of help. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a god that’s beginner friendly, whether it’s a tanky God to protect the backline or a burly support to give teammates buffs.

Cu naturally generates rage and can be a huge nuisance with his abilities and massive physical bulk. He can roll across a large distance to knock back enemies, ground slam a cone for an AoE knock-up, and provide a massive shield and CC cleanse with his ults.

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Ne Zha

With 117 gods to learn, getting started in Smite can be daunting. Luckily, there are a few gods that are very beginner-friendly and can help new players get the early wins they need.

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BM – One of the most forgiving tanks to play. Its stun and blight make it easy to get killed, but its damage intake is smooth and doesn’t spike as much as some other tanks.


The god of the sea has a lot going for her. Her ult can disrupt dives, and her kit is full of life-saving defensive utility. She’s a great pick for players who want to avoid aggro in teamfights.

Geb is one of the strongest support gods in the game. He has mind-boggling bulk paired with incredible crowd control. He can roll across a huge distance, ground slam enemies in front of him, and provide a CC cleanse for one ally with his passive.

BM is the most forgiving tank when you’re learning the game. Her stagger helps make up for mistakes and her damage intake is smooth, not spikey like other tanks. She also has some really cool utility with her remove disease and magma rush.

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