Best Alarm Clock Gun Safe

The Night Guard is a great solution for dads, moms, aunts and uncles who want to keep their defensive pistol within arm’s reach but also secure from curious little fingers. It’s hidden in plain sight, designed to look like a large clock-radio with a fake speaker and red clock display.

Biometric Locking

With biometric lock technology, a fingerprint or iris scan is used as an access code to open the safe. This type of access control is ideal for businesses and homeowners looking to add an extra layer of security to their home or office. These types of locks are more secure than regular keys, as they can’t be copied or hacked into.

The process of using these kinds of locks is simple. Once a person has their biometric information enrolled and stored, they can open the safe by touching their finger against a scanner. This is similar to how a fingerprint reader works on a smartphone. If the finger is recognized and matches those stored on the system, the door will unlock. Otherwise, the user will be denied entry.

Some of these safes will also include a keypad or mechanical key slot, just in case the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize the user for some reason. They may also have a back-up power source to keep them working even during a power outage.

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe for Handgun

The SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe for Handgun is a state-of-the-art security solution that provides reliable protection to your handguns alarm clock gun safe with phone charger. It utilizes biometric technology to ensure that only authorized users can access the safe’s contents, preventing unauthorized access and theft. The biomechanical lock system works by scanning your fingerprints and comparing them against those stored in the safe’s memory. If there is a match, the lock will disengage, and you can retrieve your gun.

Moreover, this handgun safe has a compact design that allows it to fit into tight spaces such as drawers or cabinets conveniently. Its solid steel construction makes it rugged and durable enough to withstand any attempts of forced entry. Additionally, this biometric gun safe features an override key for emergency situations where the fingerprint scanner fails due to low battery levels or technical issues.

Designed to meet all of your firearm storage needs, this Hornady safe offers the ultimate in security and convenience. With 0.8 ft3, it has enough room for up to three handguns, ammo, jewelry, and important documents. It features heavy-duty tamper-proof construction and includes a spring-assist drawer that slides open to provide easy access to your belongings. The padded interior protects guns and valuables from damage, and it can be mounted on the wall or bolted to the floor.


A keypad is a convenient way to get into your gun safe quickly. You can also use this method to enter the safe if you don’t have your RFID tag or fingerprint on hand. Some safes also have a backup key to make it easy to access your handgun in case you lose your tag or lock yourself out.

Many people prefer to get a combination of biometrics and keys so they can have quick and reliable access. This model from Stack-On is one of the best options because it has both a biometric scanner and a keypad, so you can choose which method of entry you prefer. It fits up to 3 handguns and has foam protective padding to protect your weapons.

A tempered glass front panel elegantly houses an RFID reader, clock display, and access code keypad, so the safe is inconspicuous. A spring-assist drawer quietly glides open to reveal a padded interior that can hold two full-sized pistols or other valuables. Inside, there are two USB ports to charge cellphones and other devices. This safe is designed to meet and exceed industry standards for firearm storage, and its heavy-duty tamper proof construction makes it hard to break into. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident that your firearm and other valuables are secure.

Electronic Locking

Some electronic locks use magnetic power for security. Electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom create a magnetic field, which makes it impossible to unlock a door without the right credentials. These magnetic locks are often used for security on high-tech electronics like computers and data storage. However, they can also be applied to doors. Unlike physical keys and locks, the key codes for these types of locks are easily changed by the user as needed.

Most electronic locking systems use either a central personal computer or a remote device to manage and control the lock. These systems can be hard-wired or wireless, and can be interfaced with the property management system (PMS), POS, energy management, fire safety and other building systems. This allows facilities managers to monitor and manage employee access across all areas of a facility remotely.

Some electronic locks also feature biometrics for authentication purposes. These types of technology can include fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning and iris identification to identify and authenticate users. These technologies are increasingly being utilized in commercial settings, and customers expect them to be integrated into their overall security solutions. These integrated solutions will combine reactive tools like video surveillance with preventative tools like electronic locking to provide a more complete solution for managing a complex security ecosystem. This will also help businesses to reduce their operational costs through more efficient and secure access control.


Whether you’re looking for a nightstand gun safe or something for the office, there’s a model that will fit your needs. Featuring the latest technology and multiple ways to unlock, these safes are great for people who want the most secure storage options available.

For example, this model from GunVault is designed to look like a clock radio, so it blends right in with your decor. It also has premium entry points, including a fingerprint scanner, keypad, and backup keys. It’s perfect for people who don’t have much room for a full-sized safe.

Another option is the Hornady 98215 Rapid Safe Night Guard Clock. It has heavy-duty tamper-proof construction and meets the most stringent industry standards for firearm storage. Its spring-assist drawer quickly slides open to a padded interior that holds two full-sized handguns and valuables. This safe runs on AC power with a battery backup, so it’s ready to protect your possessions 24/7.

It’s also designed to be discreet, so it can be mounted under a desk or in a closet without drawing attention to itself. It features patented RFID technology that unlocks the safe faster than keypads and biometrics. It also has a lockout feature that prevents unauthorized use for 30 minutes after the last access code was used. This feature helps to reduce false alarm dispatches by 25-50%, and it’s mandatory in some states.

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