Principles of Laundry

It’s a big step for kids to learn how to do laundry on their own. Whether it’s a top-load washer with a dispenser for powder detergent or a front-load machine that uses liquid or fabric softener, kids need to know how much they need and where to add it. They also need to understand how important it is to not cram clothes into the washer because they need room to move and tumble properly.

What are the steps of laundry?

Kids should also learn to empty pockets, zip zippers and fasten buttons before washing to prevent snags and damage. They should also turn knitted items, textured fabrics, and dark colors inside out to protect wash and fold. And they should remove the washer as soon as the cycle is finished – leaving clothes in the washer for too long can lead to mildew and stink.

If possible, it’s best to line-dry your clothes and linens. That saves energy, helps the environment, and can keep your laundry fresher. If you don’t have a line to use, consider asking a family member or friend to let you wash and dry your laundry with them.

The final step is putting your clean laundry away. Make sure your kids put away the clean laundry in the proper closets or drawers so they don’t lose anything. It’s also a good idea to sort and organize the laundry as it comes out of the dryer so you can avoid the mess that often happens when people throw dirty clothes into the hamper in a hurry.

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