Skirting Boards Direct is one of the leading suppliers of timber boards and related products throughout the United Kingdom. “We are the UK’s leading supplier of wooden Architraves, Skirting Boards, Floors, and accessories, from our state-of-the-art showroom and factory located in Birmingham, UK,” says Frank Czarnet, managing director of Skirting Boards Direct.

“We offer you top-quality finishing touches to complement your brand new floor, room, or space, with a huge selection of timber boards, timber cladding, and accessories that will completely reinvent an existing space or room.” Frank and crew also offer design services to clients nationwide.

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Being located in Birmingham, England, the skirting board direct factory offers a friendly, professional service to clients with ideas for their new floors and rooms. “We love giving people a chance to come in and tell us what they want our customers to have in their new spaces, and with all the ideas our friendly staff have, it won’t be difficult to get exactly what you want.

In fact, our friendly staff can do most everything for you, starting from the design process right through to the installation of your wood boards and other products, from your home! What more could you ask for?” says Frank Czarnet.

The friendly staff at Skirting Boards is helpful and extremely knowledgeable, always ready to assist you with questions you may have. Frank and crew have been in the business for many years helping homeowners choose the perfect wood boards and other wood products for their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or other interior design needs.

You will find many top-notch retailers online, but nothing compares to the quality and value you’ll find at Skirting Boards Direct skirting boards. You’ll be satisfied with your purchase and you’ll realize that this company is different than everyone else. Get in touch with this great company today.

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