In today’s corporate world, there is a growing misconception that being able to be a good team player means you can just sign up for a mental health day off. This myth is not only wrong, it is detrimental to the mental well-being of many employees.

Celebrate Mental Health Days

Mental health is a highly coveted and important skill in the workplace and yet many people know very little about it and its importance. It is estimated that half of all workers in the US will miss a day of work because of a serious mental health condition. Unfortunately, many of these people do not realize that they have this ability until they are hurt or emotionally affected by it.

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In many modern corporate environments, a mental health day usually is when an employee takes a day off for undisclosed reasons other than on-the-job injuries Randers. During such days, employees who are missing work are often referred to by their managers as “over-worked”. This is the line management uses to deflect any concerns over their employees’ mental health, which in turn silences the worker.

These employees are often labeled as lazy and over-worked because their supervisor does not believe that their over-work (in the form of missed workdays) warrants time off or even attention from management. Oftentimes, in the workplace, there are very few resources to which an injured or ill worker may turn for support and there are often no official government guidelines in place to help deal with these situations.

If you or someone you know needs help dealing with work-related stress, a mental health day off would be the perfect time to seek out support and assistance. Many employers have policies against requesting paid time off for illness or injury, but this policy should not apply to mental health days off.

The rights of self-employed individuals to seek out care and assistance in times of need are guaranteed in both state and federal law and a mental health professional could be your best source of help during this challenging time.

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