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If you’re looking for silver spoon jewelry, there are many great options available to you. Silver spoon jewelry is made from patterns found on rare silverware that was popular in the 1800s. Its delicate details will enchant the wearer.

Silver Spoon Jewelry in Boise

Here are some of our favorites. You’ll find them at Just Spoonin in Boise, Idaho. The store’s artisans create gorgeous items from silver spoons and other fine metals.


In pre-modern times, silver spoons were used as a social class indicator. They denoted the land-owning class Body Piercing Supplies Wholesale. The workers of the Middle Ages often had dirt under their fingernails and needed to avoid being mistaken for serfs or escaped slaves. The silver spoon was the equivalent of a passport, allowing the wearer to easily identify themselves as a member of the lower middle class.

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