PU leather is a synthetic version of real leather. It is cheaper to produce than natural leather and is more durable. PU leather is also water-resistant and easy to clean. This makes it an excellent choice for use in restaurants, bars, and kitchens. However, you should check the label before purchasing.

What is PU Leather Made Of?

PU leather has the same texture as real leather but is much lighter. This means that it is easier to clean and dries faster. PU leather is also vegan, making it a great choice for customers who are concerned about animal products. Another benefit of PU leather is its color and style options. This makes some items look more attractive than others.

What is PU Leather Made Of?

There are several different types of faux leather available. When choosing, take into account your personal preferences and budget. PU leather isn’t as durable as real leather https://www.vintageleather.com.au/, and it can tear and crack over time. While genuine leather is durable, it requires harsh chemicals to clean and maintain its attractiveness. Unlike real leather, faux leather will not warp or crack over time.

There are two types of PU leather: full-synthetic and semi-synthetic. Semi-synthetic PU leather is made from a natural leather base, while full-synthetic PU leather is created by covering the base fabric with plastic. The base fabric is usually made from more plastic or polyester. Full-synthetic PU leather is the only type of PU leather that is completely vegan. PU leather is often stamped with a grain pattern to mimic the appearance of real leather.

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