NHS Resolution, the organization that deals with clinical negligence claims, has published the full accounts for 2019/20. The figures show how much money is paid out each year in compensation. The organization claims that, in the coming year, over 60% of claims will be resolved without going to court. NHS Resolution is urging healthcare providers to be more open and to publish more information about their policies.

Does the NHS Pay Out in Compensation?

Compensation claims are usually made when a patient’s medical care falls short of the standards to which they are entitled. For example, if a patient is left with brain damage as a result of poor surgical care, he or she may be entitled to compensation for the loss of earnings, as well as for the costs of specialist care click here to read the full instruction. This may include the cost of adapted homes for the patient, as well as a specialist nurse.

How Much Does the NHS Pay Out in Compensation?

NHS compensation payouts vary depending on the severity of the injuries or illness and how much Medical negligence solicitors Dublin has affected the person’s life. A compensation calculator can help you estimate how much you may be entitled.

The NHS Resolution estimates the costs of harm caused by clinical activity, but every case is different. Compensation payouts range from PS1,000 to millions of pounds.

The current compensation system is frustrating for doctors and their families. A streamlined system would allow patients to receive a fair compensation amount in six months. The aim would be to avoid finding a single individual or organization to blame for a medical error. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees that a claimant will receive the compensation he or she deserves.

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