The look and feel of a website can significantly impact the impression that users make of the site and the company’s reputation. Statistics show that 75 percent of consumers judge a brand’s credibility based on its website. This has paid more attention to website design and its importance. As a result, the field of website design is experiencing a 13 percent growth rate.

Who Designs the Look of a Website?

When choosing a colour scheme for your website, it’s important to keep colour psychology in mind. The best colour scheme consists of no more than three shades and should be consistent with your brand’s identity. Additionally, fonts on a Web Design Basingstoke should be legible and consistent with the company’s identity.

Who Designs the Look of a Website?

Another aspect of website design is the layout or how the material is displayed on a page website design birmingham. The layout must be intuitive and easy to use. Web designers use grid-based designs and white spaces to make the content and layout accessible. A good layout will help users quickly access the information they want.

Graphics are also an essential part of website design. A good web designer should know how to combine text, images, and color. They should also be familiar with design principles and design history.

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