There are many methods of training your biceps, but if you’re interested in a bigger and more robust pair of arms, you should stick to a few general principles. The first principle is adding weight and reps to your workouts. Then, you should increase the volume of your workouts deliberately. This can help you build bigger and taller biceps.

How Can I Get Taller Biceps?

The second principle is to vary the type of exercise you do. For example, you might do a general mass-building workout with your biceps, followed by a workout focused solely on your long head.

How Can I Get Taller Biceps?

You could also alternate the exercises in your workout, using different grips and rep ranges back workouts with kettlebell. In addition, you can also use advanced techniques such as forced reps and negatives to help develop your biceps.

Another technique to grow your biceps is to exercise your brachialis, which connects your forearms and arms to your biceps. As you grow your brachialis, you’ll build the muscles beneath them and push your biceps higher. You can do this by using neutral and hammer grip curls.

While focusing on your inner biceps will help you build broader arms, it may not have much of an impact on the overall width of your arm. Instead, you should target the brachialis and short head of your biceps for a giant arm. These two muscles work together, and they’re the muscles that give you those broad arms.

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