What Is a Spool in Wellhead?

What is a Spool in Wellhead?

A spool is a mechanical fitting that is typically located in the wellhead at the lower section of the assembly above a casing hanger and a tubing head. It is a crucial part of the wellhead system. It is designed to support and seal the tubing conduit and prevent the leakage of produced fluids and mud.

Casing Head – WFT-22, WFT-29

A surface casing head provides an attachment point for the surface casing and serves as the sealing point of the casing spool Oil and Gas Equipment Rentals. It can also support the blowout preventer (BOP) and allow drilling of the next casing string.

Depending on the type of bottom connection, a casing head may be qualified to withstand up to 10,000 psi working pressure. A slip-on-weld, threaded, or Sliploc type is the most common.

Slip-types with automatic seal use the casing load to energize compression seals in the annulus below the slips, thereby providing greater support capacity than traditional slip-types. These types can be suspended from a mandrel hanger or a slip-and-seal hanger.

Wrap around design on the casing hanger allows it to be lowered through the BOP stack or installed above the wellhead. The WFT-22-C is a redesigned, wrap-around design that combines the packoff, slip bowl, and slips into one unit. It requires only 50,000 to 60,000 pounds casing load to energize the annulus seal, requiring significantly less energy than conventional slip-types.

Casing Spool – WFT-22, WFT-29

A WFT-22 or WFT-29 casing spool can be furnished with studded side outlets and pipe threaded or studded top connections to accommodate various valve removal plug threads. Several control ports are also available to connect the pipeline.

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