How Much Do You Charge to Wash a Window?

Cleaning windows is a common home maintenance task. It helps keep your home looking its best and improves energy efficiency.

A window cleaner will charge based on the number of panes, cleaning style, and amount of work needed. You may also be charged extra if the window is particularly difficult to clean or requires special equipment or safety measures.

Window Panes

Window panes are glassy sections of a window frame that provide your home with light, prevent unwanted airflow, and maintain insulation dandowneywindowcleaning. They also help create a sense of openness by allowing occupants to see outside.

They can be made of glass, plastic, or metal. They’re usually double-paned to offer added protection from the elements.

When choosing a type of glass, you’ll need to consider your area’s climate and weather conditions. Some types of glass are designed to block out ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation.

Another important feature of glass is its strength and durability. This means that it’s more likely to resist breakage and withstand the impact of hurricanes or other severe weather events.

Double-paned windows are the most popular choice for new construction and remodeling projects, but single-paned options can be just as effective at keeping out moisture and reducing noise from outdoors. They can also be easier to replace if a pane breaks.

Window Types

The average window cleaning cost varies based on the type of windows that need to be cleaned. The cost per pane for double-hung windows, for example, is usually $2-$5 more than a single-hung window.

The frame material used for windows is another factor that affects the window cleaning cost. Traditionally, wood is used, but vinyl and aluminum frames are also available.

uPVC, or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a popular choice for new build homes. It’s durable, energy-efficient and secure.

The style of the window is also important to consider. Sliding sashes, for instance, are great for areas that require more ventilation. Casement and tilt and turn windows, meanwhile, are a more versatile option for modern homes. They can fit in with the aesthetic of your property, whether it’s a traditional stone cottage or a sleek contemporary apartment building.

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Additional Charges

Windows consist of more than just glass panes; there are tracks, sills, screens, and other components that can also require cleaning. This adds up to extra labor and can affect the final price of the job.

Double-hung and multi-pane windows tend to cost more than single-pane windows due to the amount of work involved. They are more difficult to clean and may need special equipment.

The size and height of the windows can also affect the cost of the service. Floor-to-ceiling or particularly tall windows will take more time to access and may require ladders or other equipment.

Additional charges can include paint removal, hard water stain removal, and other more extensive cleanups. Construction cleanings often involve additional safety equipment, ladders, and new window-cleaning tools. These costs can be up to $15 per pane. However, it’s important to visit the site and inspect each window in person before giving an estimate. This helps ensure fair pricing.

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