How Do I Start Cleaning My House

Cleaners are responsible for keeping public and private spaces tidy, hygienic, and safe. They use a variety of cleaning methods and products to scrub surfaces, sweep floors, and dust furniture and fixtures. They may work in a number of different settings, from hospitals to residential homes.

What is a cleaner job description?

Janitors and cleaners are typically paid a minimum wage or hourly rate for their work. They often have a high school diploma, and they must pass background checks and drug screenings before they can start working in the workplace. They also must learn how to operate basic cleaning equipment and supplies.

Rooming house cleaners are usually required to meet higher standards, particularly in terms of cleanliness. They must be able to thoroughly clean a bedroom in under an hour so that it can be ready for new occupants later that day at They must also be able to communicate well with residents and their supervisors.

Senior cleaners are expected to lead a team of junior cleaners, overseeing the performance and training of their staff. They will often be required to liaise with the line manager and ensure that there are sufficient supplies of cleaning products at all times. They will also need to be able to report any damage or breakages as they occur. They are also likely to need to be available to work on the weekends as they are often required to cover shifts. Depending on the role, the qualifications that a cleaner requires can vary.

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