Ovarian cancer survival rates are somewhat peculiar as a weather report which says such and such percent chance of rain today. Everyone knows it’s a hundred percent chance of rain when it’s raining, and zero when it is not.

However to throw the statistics in the standard way, according to the American Cancer Society more than 20,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year, and 15,000 will die from the illness claims. Does that mean that three-quarters of those women who get an ovarian cancer prediction are going to die? Not necessarily. On an individual basis, it’s just enjoying the weather forecast for rain.

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It all depends on how a girls wants to go about treating her cancer if she survives or dies, not to mention whether or not she has an ovarian cancer recurrence. Naturally there are countless variables to be factored in such as her age, the type of cancer, how soon she found it, and how fast she started dealing with it. Technically speaking there are over 30 distinct types of ovarian cancer – all of which can be categorized by the sort of cell where they appear.

So what! If you want to be brutally honest and I wish to, cancer is cancer. Regardless of the type or period, it is manifest due to a diminished immune system and the sole hope of overcoming it’s by freeing up and assisting your body’s own immune reactions. There are so many excellent remedies for performing both of those task from the sphere of holistic cancer treatments, as well as being uncovered all the time.

For starters besides saying the obvious of avoiding all foods that feed cancer such as foods and sugar or substances that weaken the immune system, a great cleansing quickly is originally suggested. A juice fast is normal, drinking only fresh carrot, beet, apple, and ginger juice by way of instance, to cleanse the colon and rejuvenate the liver. Periodic liver and colon cleanses are likewise useful, as is a diet of green foods together with other super foods.

There are many herbal remedies such as Essiac tea and incredibly effective diets such as The Budwig and Hallelujah Diet. The list is just about endless. Why don’t you take advantage of all of these? Should you do the research into alternative cancer treatments and become seriously committed, your chances of not being among the more than seventy-five percentage of the women who based on ovarian cancer survival rates succumb to the disease, are as great as a zero chance of rain once the sun is shining.

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