Find the Best Hot Tub Companies in Calgary, Alberta

If you want to experience a hot tub without draining your bank account, then you should consider a SunSpa. For years, SunSpa has offered world-class service to their clients, providing the most amazing hot tubs in the business.

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From the very first day you step into the Sun Spa, you will feel a sense of relaxation. Supa hydro spas are known for their durability, beauty, and convenience. Take a look at the following list of reasons that SunSpa hot tubs are the best in the business:

Sun Spa Calgary is a well known brand you can trust. For years, SunSpa has been a go-to location for all of your hot tub technician Calgary requirements. Let us discuss the various hydro spas available from SunSpa. These combine great design with optimum performance to provide you with a relaxing, stress-free feeling.

Sun Spa Offers Four models of Hydro Hot tub.

These include the SunVantage, Fortius, Grandifiore, and the Eclipse. Each model has different features and a range of hydro spas designed to meet the exacting standards set forth by Spa Consultants International (SCI). If you want to know more about the optimum performance of each model, please read on.

All hot tub spas come standard with four-inch water pumps and a sixteen-inch water line. The pumps will be able to push a maximum of twelve gallons per minute. All of the spas are equipped with built in electronic controls. These controls will allow you to adjust many aspects of the water temperatures and other programs. The best hot tubs will have over eighteen inches of water and a maximum of forty-five gallons per minute.

All of the spas offer top of the line technological features and state of the art construction. Sun Spa jets and sound systems are some of the most soothing you will ever experience. Sun Spas offers sound systems with CD players and internet hook ups. There are two full service repair shops located on site. If you decide to sell your hot tub, Sun Spa can offer you financing options and low interest rates through the dealer’s lender.


The best spas have the latest and greatest technology, as well as great customer service. Choose from the leading hot tub companies in Calgary, including Sea World, Wintericum, and Playa del Este. All of these companies offer competitive prices on everything they sell. The best hot tub companies in Calgary also offer expert after sales service and a warranty on all of their equipment.

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