Dr. James Frasier, a Southern New Yorker and sitcom actor, was arrested on suspicion of practicing medicine without a medical license in Chattanooga. According to court documents obtained by the Times-News, Frasier was taken into custody after he was stopped at gunpoint while traveling in an undercover vehicle.

Dentist Frazier

He was carrying a loaded gun, which he had told the undercover police officer that he could not fire because it would not kill him when he was arrested. Apparently, he had been stopped while shopping for prescription drugs in a pharmacy he was supposed to have visited because a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

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The dentist, he is accused of practicing medicine without a license is Richard Fazio, a well-known dental practitioner in Chattanooga dentists chattanooga. According to the warrant application, Fazio did not show up for work on scheduled dates or when called to come to his office.

The dentist’s wife, Joanna Fazio, told the Times-News that Fazio has not paid her or taken his children to school on time because he is out of town on business. She said that she is afraid that he will not show up to work on time because he does not have money to travel.

It is unclear why exactly Dr. Fazio was picked out as the patient who did not show up to see his dental patient on time. But it does appear that something may be going on between the dentist and one of his patients. Before he was arrested, according to court documents, Fazio had a conversation with an undercover cop and admitted that he had used his dental license to order services for someone who did not need them. Fazio also reportedly told the detective that he could not practice medicine without his license.

The dentist has not yet lost his dental license. According to the Chattanooga Times-News, he is free to practice medicine. A hearing has been set to have the matter before the Joint House Administration on Tuesday. If convicted, Fazio could face up to one year in jail and a $500 fine.

Why was this dentist chosen to be the target of such sickening conduct? Has he been the target of some sort of sickening investigation? Has he been accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever? Why has there been no prior record of him having done anything wrong? If Fazio’s arrest is true, how can we find out if this is the case? Who can help us find out who did this?

Right now, we are left with only one potential suspect, his ex-wife. Have they truly separated? Were the pain and anger enough to drive them apart? Did they decide that divorce was in order after the divorce papers were signed? What can we do to find out the truth, as well as what actions need to be taken from here?

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