Real Estate Advantages is a report written by Ed Gelber that reveals the hidden advantages that real estate investors may not be aware of. It shows the legal and tax loopholes available, and perhaps most importantly, how these can be utilized to not just increase your yearly income — but speed up your real estate investment.

Real Estate Advantages

One of the things I’ve learned in the past few years is that nothing is too good to be true. This book is no exception. This report will expose some of the “under bounds” in many real estate investment strategies.

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Real Estate Advantages starts out with an introduction on “The Nature of Real Estate.” This book basically goes over what is Real Estate. From the definition itself it shows that real estate is any property you own that you can use as collateral for borrowing rental property. The book goes on to explain what types of property are considered Real Estate, and then goes into examples of when each situation is applicable.

Another of the in-depth chapters in Real Estate Advantages, titled “The Hidden Gems of Real Estate,” provides a look at some of the “legalesque” practices and strategies used by real estate agents. This book provides information that is often missed by other real estate books. In this chapter, author Paul Heintz describes the use of “iffy” real estate jargon, such as “destination” or “subject to.”

One of the most impressive real estate advantages revealed in this text is the section on “The Best Practices for Finding Pre Owned Property.” What makes this section so helpful is that it contains a full disclosure of methods agents use to screen tenants, and exactly how much information each tenant should provide.

This chapter also goes into detail about the “showings” aspect of real estate, and the ways showing property off can affect the price of the house. The book even lists the ten best real estate agents for finding a pre-owned property. Also, after reading the book, you will gain valuable insight into what to do if the seller does not follow through on the promises he makes.

Real Estate Advantages, by Paul Heintz, is a definitive text on real estate and should be a prerequisite read for anyone looking to enter the field. It provides a clear look at the realities of road land price in Taiwan, with detailed descriptions of all aspects of the business.

It is exceptionally well-organized and well-written. While the book may be a bit complex at times, it is definitely well-researched and easy to understand. If you are interested in pursuing real estate, this is a must-have book.

This is definitely one of those books that are relevant to everyone. Even if you have no intention of becoming a real estate agent, this book will still serve its purpose. You will learn a great deal about what to do as a buyer or seller in order to succeed in your endeavor.

By applying certain techniques in this text, you can increase your chances of getting a better deal. And, in case you happen to end up buying or selling a real estate property, you will be able to gain from this book.

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