Raising the standards for your commercial roof can lower your cooling costs and increase your savings. Heat reflective coatings and paints like Insultec can help you fight high summertime temperatures and expensive cooling costs.

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When applied to surfaces, heat reflective paints and coatings:

O Lower temperatures-Controlling the weather is impossible, but being ready to handle high temperatures can be done with the use of Insultec.
O Deflect harmful sun rays- Heat reflective paints and coatings deflect damaging ultra-violent and infrared light, which protects your roof from warmth and damage.

O Fill in openings and cracks you can fill in gaps and cracks on your roof, walls, and cement fixtures by using heat reflective paint Website.
O Waterproof surfaces- Some heat reflective coatings and paints behave as waterproof sealants, effectively protecting your roof from rain, bacteria, mold, and fungi

What can Insultec be used for?

O Asbestos encapsulation- Using Insultec is a excellent means to confine and guarantee that asbestos materials are not damaged or become airborne. Heat reflective paints and coatings can be used to seal the region and avoid exposing workers to the dangers of asbestos.

O Paints- Walls, roofs, ceilings and other regions can be painted with these paints and will serve as insulation for your building, resulting in lower energy costs and improving the durability of the regions.
O Concrete structures- Using heat reflective paints and coatings is quite beneficial on concrete constructions which are often subject to constant traffic or exposure to weather

Are you wondering if Insultec is right for you? If you want to do the following you should definitely opt to apply this one-of-a-kind heat insulating paint on your commercial business.
O Save money- Insultec comes with a 10-year warranty and has been proven to eliminate the need for serious repairs for up to 20 decades.
o Improve the look of your building-

Not only is Insultec effective at reflecting heat, but it can improve the appearance of your commercial premises and even be customized to match your existing look.

O Repair existing damages and prevent future ones your roof needs repair work then heat reflective coatings may be a cost-effective option when compared to other roof restoration alternatives such as total roof replacement.

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