Human rights lawyers can be found in all areas of Toronto. It is important to note that not all of them deal with human rights violations, like those experienced by people of color and the indigenous community, though there are many who do wrongful dismissal lawyer toronto. An attorney with an interest in human rights will be familiar with the issues facing these groups, such as religious and cultural discrimination, workplace harassment, poverty, and health and safety on the job.

A lawyer in this field will also know the specifics of employment discrimination, such as workplace racism and sexism, age discrimination, and violence against aboriginal and African-Caribbean employees. The lawyer will also understand how other types of discrimination, such as racism, transphobia, and sexism, fit into the larger context of work related issues.

Human Rights Lawyer in Toronto

If you have been the victim of racial discrimination or harassment on the job, a human rights lawyer in Toronto will be able to help. Most of the time, the first step in filing a human rights complaint involves receiving a copy of the Employment Rights Act in order to find out whether or not your employer has contravened the Canada Labour Code. If so, this will usually lead to further documentation and possibly an investigation by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Another way to file a human rights complaint is through the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. There are many human rights issues, to file a human rights complaint over, including harassment, workplace violence, bullying, discrimination, maternity and sexual harassment, and job termination. If you believe you have experienced any of these things, it is important to contact a lawyer Toronto as soon as possible.

Final Words

Most lawyers are willing to schedule an initial meeting free of charge to help clients better understand their human rights issues, and obtain the necessary documentation in order to proceed with their complaint. If you are the victim of wrongful dismissal or harassment, a lawyer will know the process best and be able to represent you in the most effective way.

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