One of the easiest ways to raise funds for a non-profit organization is by hosting a coffee fundraiser. A coffee fundraiser is an activity that everyone can participate in. It is inexpensive and easy to organize.

Coffee Fundraiser Canada

You can ask people to buy a bag of coffee or two and earn from it. You can set a minimum or a maximum number of sales to earn money. Depending on how much you sell, you can earn from $50 to $100 per bag.

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The Cupper’s fundraising team will provide you with everything you need to host your coffee fundraiser. Sparkplug Coffee is a great company to work with to get your campaign started driven coffee fundraiser. They can also create custom labels for your fundraising campaign.

After you have your order, you’ll receive a detailed invoice. The suggested resale price per pound of coffee is $20. If you’re interested in starting a fundraising campaign, you can find out more information about how to start a fun-raising program.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re charging a reasonable price per bag. If you’re selling a single bag, you can charge $6. The coffee supplier charges $9. You can also use PayPal or e-transfer to make payments. You’ll be given a receipt at the end of the program. Then you’ll need to figure out how much you want to charge per bag and how much you’ll profit from it. You can charge whatever you’d like as long as you pay for shipping.

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