Depending on your local council, parking on a dropped kerb can be a serious offence. You need to be aware of the law and abide by its terms. You cannot park on a dropped kerb if it causes obstruction to other vehicles or pedestrians. You must also not charge any visitors for parking on a dropped kerb.

Is it Illegal to Park Over a Dropped Kerb?

In London and elsewhere, parked vehicles are not permitted on pavements. This is against rule 244 of the Highways Code. Parking on the pavement is an offence, which is also punishable under section 72 of the Highways Act 1835. Police officers will enforce the parking laws strictly, though some leniency is granted.

Is it Illegal to Park Over a Dropped Kerb?

In many cases, motorists who park over a dropped kerb do not break the law – they simply block a driveway. tow truck in san jose Some councils may even issue parking tickets for this. If you see someone blocking a driveway with their car, contact the local council and let them know. If they agree, they may be able to help you.

When backing out of a parking spot, make sure to reverse slowly and carefully until the front of your car lines up with the rear of another car. Then, turn your steering wheel the other way and pull your car forward. Keep your car parallel to the curb and make sure to look at the vehicle behind you before you start backing up.

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