There are other options if you have a disability and do not want to rely on a wheelchair. Crutches are a great option if you are injured or have trouble walking. However, crutches do not offer much flexibility or support.

What Can I Use Instead of a Wheelchair?

Crutches also require you to balance. A massage chair has better stability than crutches and is more comfortable for the user. Many massages are adjustable, so you can move the seat up and down as needed. Click here to read the entire article

What can I use instead of a wheelchair

Another option for mobility is a knee scooter. Knee walkers combine the stability of a wheelchair with Disability Equipment. They are typically three to four small wheels and have a seat pad and a basket for carrying items. They allow the user to move quickly while the injured leg remains strong.

PTs and OTs specializing in seating and positioning can prescribe wheelchairs or strollers for their patients. Many also have RESNA Certification, a professional practice standard in the field. A power wheelchair can be operated with a joystick or by sip-and-puff controls.

An electric wheelchair is another option. An electric wheelchair can be easily folded to save space. The power chair can be used indoors or outdoors. It is often cheaper and more portable than a standard wheelchair. Some models come with a tilt system.

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