The marking “750” on Tiffany jewelry denotes that it is 75% gold. Most Tiffany pieces are made of 18K gold. The marking also stands for the element gold (AU). This element was named after the Latin word aurum, which means gold. Tiffany uses this marking on its Rubedo metal, which contains 31% gold, silver, and a tiny amount of zinc.

What Does 750 Mean on Tiffany Jewelry?

The 750 mark on a Tiffany ring is another way to verify its authenticity. This mark will be found on the bottom of the piece. In addition, this type of jewelry will be stamped with its price. This will help you make a better decision when shopping for the perfect piece of Tiffany jewelry.

What Does 750 Mean on Tiffany Jewelry?

The hallmark of a piece of jewelry is a good indicator of its quality. If it is a Tiffany ring, 750 means it is 18K gold Piercing Supplies. It should also have a consistent, clean, and well-tooled setting. You should be wary of its origin and authenticity if it is not. However, most counterfeits are not that obvious.

Another clue to tell if a piece of gold is genuine is the karat stamp. 18K gold is 75% gold. Jewelry with a 750 stamp contains seventy-five percent gold and one-fourth alloy. Similarly, jewelry with a “14K” stamp is made of 14K gold.

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