Long-haul flights are getting longer and more frequent. With Covid-related travel restrictions lifting around the world, super-long routes are back in a big way and new ones are being introduced.

The world’s longest flight by distance is Singapore Airlines’ flight SQ23, which covers 15,349 miles between Singapore Changi Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, with a block time of almost 19 hours.

The Longest Flights in the World

Another route that takes a while to get to is Qantas’ Perth to Heathrow flight, which runs for 9,009 miles. The airline offers a business class on these flights, and Insider’s Julie Zeveloff flew one of them, and found the seats came with slippers, socks, and amenity kits.

United’s San Francisco to Bangalore flight is expected to start in March 2023, covering 8,701 miles. The company had originally planned to launch the route in May but delayed Cheap Flights.

Delta’s Atlanta to Johannesburg flight is a bit shorter at 8,434 miles, but it still clocks in at 16 hours and 50 minutes. The airline has a lot of luxury on its flights, including in-flight cocktail bars, pod seats, and gourmet food.

Air Tahiti Nui’s TN64, which operated between Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, covered 9,765 miles in 16 hours, 20 minutes.

Emirates’ Dubai to Auckland flight is another epic trek, spanning 13,405 miles in 18 hours and 45 minutes. The Gulf carrier’s service is a great choice if you want to fly direct between Asia and the Pacific, or if you need to connect to other destinations in the region.

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