indigo cadet pilot program

How long is cadet pilot training?

The time it takes to complete a pilot cadet scheme varies between different programs, ranging from full airline sponsorship to self-sponsored mentored schemes. Some of these are more secure and offer you a clear path to becoming a pilot, while others are self-funding and may not offer you the security of having your first airline job secured following your training.

Cadet Pilot Training – UKCAA and EASA

The length of cadet pilot training depends on whether you want to train for an ATPL or MPL license, as these differ between the UK CAA (United Kingdom) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The most common route is through a training academy or flight school which offers a cadet program in conjunction with an airline.

Cadet Pilot Training – UKCAA and EASA

As a pilot cadet, you’ll receive a thorough ground and flight training program in conjunction with a major airline which includes tuition and training reimbursement indigo cadet pilot program. This ensures you have a clear pathway to becoming an airline pilot and is one of the best ways to achieve your goal of becoming an airline pilot, with industry-leading pay and full benefits.

Choosing a pilot cadet scheme can be an overwhelming decision, as you are expected to invest an enormous amount of money into a training course before being offered an employment opportunity with a Major Airline, after your training. This can be costly and is why some airlines offer a pilot cadetship scheme, offering a partial contribution to your training costs.

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