Types of Online Advertising

Trillions of searches are conducted each year – and good SEO work can help you be seen there. But what are the key things that affect your search engine visibility?

Core Web Vitals (loading speed, interactivity, visual stability) are important. Google also demotes pages that use intrusive interstitials.

LSI keywords provide a kind of word association that helps Google determine relevance. And shorter URLs are favored over long ones.


Keywords are the building blocks of search engine optimization. They help you understand what users are searching for and guide your content strategy to increase relevant organic search traffic.

LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) are important for Agencija za SEO because they provide relevance signals that Google may not have discovered otherwise. LSI keywords often appear in title and description tags, but they can also be incorporated into the content of the page.

The number of keyword-rich occurrences in a title tag is still a strong relevancy signal, but it is no longer as powerful as it once was. Similarly, the presence of keyword-rich anchor text in links is less influential than it once was, but it still sends a relevancy signal. This is why it is important to focus on the right keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.


Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect SEO. They are like votes that tell search engines that your content is valuable enough to link to. Backlinks from relevant websites also help improve your domain and page authority.

When building your backlinks, it is crucial to focus on quality over quantity. Too many low-quality links can hurt your ranking and cause a Google penalty. You should avoid using link networks, buying links, or engaging in any other black hat SEO tactics.

Another factor that influences the value of a backlink is its relevance. For example, a link from a gluten-free bakery to your local mountain climbing gear shop won’t pass as much link equity as a link from a hiking blog. In addition, the positioning of a backlink is also important.


Content is a fundamental part of any website and plays an important role in SEO. This is because search engines seek to rank pages that are both useful and relevant to the user’s query. This is why it is important to write unique and quality content for your business’s webpages.

Many factors affect the content of a page, including its length, TF-IDF (the frequency with which keywords appear on the page), and LSI (related words). In addition, the use of multimedia may be a ranking factor.

Also, proper grammar and spelling is a known ranking signal. However, this is not always a reliable indicator of quality. Helpful supplementary content is another important signal, as are outbound links with the same theme. These are all positive ranking signals.


A sitemap is a map that tells search engines where to find web pages hosted on your website. They are essential to help Google crawl and index your site.

Having a correctly updated XML sitemap means that all the pages on your website will be easily found by search engines. This is a great help for websites that have numerous pages and/or large amounts of content.

Without a sitemap, it would take search engine bots a lot of time to crawl your entire website in order to locate and understand all the connections between each page. With a well-optimized sitemap, the process is much quicker and more efficient. This is especially important when it comes to e-commerce or dynamic sites.


People spend more time on their smartphones than their desktops, and that has a huge impact on how search engines work. Optimizing for mobile devices requires many of the same best practices as general SEO, but it also includes other factors like location, operating systems, screen size and more.

In 2019, Google began using mobile-first indexing, and it prioritizes pages that are optimized for mobile over those that aren’t. This is why it’s important to check your Search Console regularly for any warnings related to mobile SEO and fix them as quickly as possible. Also, keeping your site streamlined and easy to use on mobile will help your rankings. That means avoiding cluttered designs and using plenty of negative space between text and other elements.

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