If we look at the number of fatal crashes involving private jets, we can see that they are relatively low. In fact, accidents involving private jets are nearly as few as those involving commercial airplanes.

Do Private Jets Crash More?

The National Transportation Safety Board, an independent investigative agency of the U.S. government, reports that the number of crashes for private jets is only 2% of those involving commercial aircraft.

Do Private Jets Crash More?

However, this does not mean that private jets are not at risk. As we know, the aviation industry’s private jet hire is constantly improving technical performance and safety regulations, so we can expect to see fewer crashes as time passes.

While there are many benefits to flying on a private aircraft, it is also a big risk. Many private planes lack backup plans and other safety measures that commercial aircraft have.

For instance, some private planes have only one engine, so if that engine fails, the plane will crash. Commercial aircraft, on the other hand, have at least two engines.

Additionally, private pilots are held to a lower standard than commercial pilots. As a result, they are held to fewer safety standards and are required to check in every two years.

While helicopters are generally safer, private jets are at least as dangerous in bad weather. Helicopters are more likely to crash due to wind shear, but private jets are far more likely to crash because of their size and low-powered engines.

Most private jets and helicopters are used for business purposes. As a result, fewer private planes are in use today than there were twenty years ago. During the recession, many companies went bankrupt and sold their planes at cheap prices.

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