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How do you measure post frequency?

Whether you’re running a social media campaign or trying to optimize your content strategy, knowing how frequently you should be posting can make all the difference. The trick is to balance your social media efforts with your business goals, and to understand what works best for your audience based on their habits.

Determine how many posts you need to create each day:

The ideal post frequency varies by channel and is dependent on your content capacity, audience size, and the platforms on which you’re posting to buy usa facebook page likes. Some channels, like Facebook, have specific time zones that dictate the best times to post.

Figure out how often your competitors are posting:

One easy way to figure out how frequently your competition is posting is to check out their profiles. Look for how many followers they have, their average engagement rate, and their total number of posts.

If you’re not sure what your competition is doing, try analyzing their content to see what they post regularly and how it performs.

Sprout Social’s data science team measured posting frequencies across 30,000 Sprout Social customers, and found the industry average for some of the biggest platforms you care about most:

The industry average is 11 posts per day, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd! It’s important to test, experiment, and iterate your post frequency strategy until you find what’s working best for your brand.

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